I5 vs. 6 Core Sandy Bridge E i7 for Gaming


I read this thread from 2 months ago. =

Then I read this article =

Now were the people in that thread mentioned above talking about Ivy i5 & i7 saying i5's are best for gamimg? Or were they also saying an Ivy i5 is better than the 6 Core Sandy Bridge E i7's?

I found this bundle -

and I was thinking about purchasing it. What do you all think? Should I instead save money and go with an i5 and put the cash difference into the most high end GPU? Either way I have to buy a GPU, but if I get that bundle I won't be able to afford the highest level card.

Suggestions on building a bad ass gaming rig appreciated!
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    I will simply get i5 3570k + powerful gpu.i5 can easily maxout any games you throw at it.i5 3570k will easily last for next will not need i7 unless you are are big multitasker.
  2. Besides gaming I will be using higher end programs like in the Adobe suite for graphic editing (photoshop, illustrator, maybe flash) and I have been wanting to learn how to edit video, but I wouldn't be doing all that at the same time.

    The most multitasking I may be doing at one time would be running firefox or chrome, word, and 1 or 2 of the above mentioned adobe programs. However that wouldn't be all the time, just whenever I have some time to play around with that stuff.

    I want something that can kick @ss in regards to gaming and be able to do the other stuff when needed here and there. And also something that I won't have to worry about upgrading for at least a year....
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  5. This should answer your question quite nicely:

    The hexa-core extreme P.C.'s are good for multi-tasking a productivity tasks, but not any better for gaming, because most games don't take advantage of 4 cores, let alone 6. If anything, thw quad core will be better because it can be overlcokced to a higher speed with less voltage and less heat.
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