Sli asus nividia gtx 560 ti no sli on nividia control panel

old man having problems got my sli conecter 2 asus nividia gtx 560ti graphic card in my asus formula v mobo.1 is in slot 1 and one is in slot 3 both up and running fine but cant get sli on my nividia control panel to switch it on and ive checked and they are both on it but no sli to turn it on and checked my bois nothing in there about sli.iether am getting to old and its just a simple problem and cant see it.saying that sum times the most simple thing can be trolling through the internet for a solutoin and i have for last 4 am back at my old faith full forum were you folks have always help solve my problems THANX
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  1. You did re-install the driver after install the 2nd card, right?
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    hi there i just had to let you no i solved my problem after days off searching and reading.i have two asus nividia gtx 560 ti on sli on a crosshair formula IV mobo and working in sli brillant.thanx for your help but i done none off the things you suggested.all i done was downloaded hypersli control panel the newest one.and there both running on nivdea latest beta driver if any one out there with same problem.what i done was downloaded the sli patch v1.5 beta to get sli on my nividia control panel.and once i done that i downloaded hypersli latest one.have tested this on my games with latest beta driver 304.79 and working a dream.i love a challenge and my problem is resolved.hope this may help sum other poor soul lost in the mine field off problem solving.
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