Will my CPU temp. damage my laptop?

hey guys,

I have a Sony vaio of wich the cpu get's rather hot (90 degrees celcius) under load and even though my cpu has a max temp. of 105 I'm still worried it might damage some other parts in my laptop wich is where my question comes in: Will my cpu actually damage other parts in my laptop?
laptop: Sony vaio VPCEB3S1E
CPU: intel i5 460m arrandale

thanks :)
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  1. it wont if you keep your lappy on a flat surface to help improve airflow
  2. Laptop processors and their other components are expected to be running at higher temperatures when is use due to the limited air flow. Make sure you clean the dust out and that nothing is blocking the air flow.
  3. They are also set to turn off it heats to that maximum temperature, therefore saving it from burning out. So no it won't be damaged, but I would open it up and clear out the dust from the fan. Or get somebody who is capable to do it for you.
  4. Have you ever cleaned the laptop ? Lots of dust ang grime accumulates in it making for higher temps . I clean mine once every 3 months , temps drop a good 5-10 c after a cleaning . Can of compressed air or a blower will get it clean . There are how to on the web .
  5. ofcourse you can. its like saying my car goes 150 and you trying to hold it there for a long time,eventually somethings going to give. either the processor or the gpu will go, its usually the gpu that gets killed from the high temps of the processor. i would recommend blowing out the heatsink as well as replace the thermal compound since thats going to be shot as well from that high of temps
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