problems with Lite On 16x10x40??

I was looking through and a Lite On 16/10/40x cd-rw for $90 with S&H caught my eye.Ive been saving up my money for a Plexor wich is $66 more for an oem version of the same speed but am now having second thoughts. I would like to know if the price vs. performance is worth it and if anyone has ever had a problem with it. I am a bit tight on money lately and am leaning toawrds the Lite On but am waiting to hear some responses before I make my decision.

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  1. I've only had a little experience with Lite-On (tried 2 different 32r 12w 10rw Lite-ON CDRW's) a couple of times) but I was very impressed! I only used CloneCD but that ran perfectly and actually did most CD's faster than my friends Plextor!

    I was so impressed I'm gonna probably order one in the next couple of days!
  2. Hi curious_george21,
    With the Lite On 16/10/40x cd-rw for $90, you'll get your money's woth. I've been using one for the last 2 months, and I can only say good things about it.
  3. Well I bought the burner & have had it for a couple of weeks now. I must say that I am very happy with my purchase, I have had no real problems with it and was quite surprised at how fast it burned a 80min cd-r, and with Burn-Proof I have yet to make a coaster. I recommend the burner to everyone who is looking for an exceptional burner at a reasonable price.
    My only trouble is in getting my very old Compaq CD-ROM to read audio files faster than 5x. Wich arrangement would be best for burning from one cd-rom to another and from from the hard drive to the burner? I currently have my old cd-rom set as slave to my lite-on. will setting it as master to the lite-on, or from slave to the hard drive imporve performance? or am I just stuck with it until I a better one?

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  4. Old readers (~2+ years) were always slow audio extractors. 5x is fairly decent, as I've seen 4.3 and down to 2.6.

    It'll be much faster to make an image at +20x, and burn at 16x.

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