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hello im new to this forum i just want to ask everyone here if this specs still ok for a small internet cafe (gaming)

AMD A6-3670 (2.7GHz) Processor
1GB Radeon Powercolor AX5450 Display Card
2GB DDR3 Memory

would this specs do any good in gaming for new online games in internet cafe's? if not pls put the specs you think that is better ,,,,,... but it should be not that expensive its for business purposes only ty

CHEAP but Capable of handling things
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  1. That should be fine.

    Especially for online cafe games and business stuff.
  2. Is there a point to the 5450 though
  3. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    I will suggest 4GB of 1600MHz ram or 1333MHz with CL7 timings
    Your APU choice seems okay but I am really not caring for the HD5450 as a complimentary GPU - I'd be looking at a HD6570 for about $60
    I think that would give you the ability to play most games smoothly (if not at the highest resolution levels).
    Hope it helps some
  4. ty for the reply guys :)
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