Can i flash my bios off a memory stick

Hi guys

Ive just bought a p8z68 v-pro gen 3 for a first build and i was going to buy a i5 2500k cpu but i found a i5 3570k on offer. I need to up date the bios on the motherboard to support the ivy bridge but i dont have an LGA 1155 socket cpu so i was wondering if i could just put in the ivy bridge chip and update the bios from a memory stick or do i need a cpu? Any help guy will be greatly appreciated Thanks.
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  1. got the same board

    could be wrong--but i think you need a cpu

    only boards i have seen you could update bios without a cpu i think were some asus republic of gamers

  2. You need a cpu dude to update can anyone run pc without cpu.what is your mobo?
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