Is this a cheap psu or a alright bit of kit

im going to build a pc based for gaming and was wondering if this is a alright psu? it seems to me it could or couldnt be so wanted some extra input's, thanks in advance for the intrest
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  1. Hi OrangeFlump,

    Can you let me know what GPU you're going to get? It's essential to know it in order to find out what PSU you need.

    By the way, that PSU is not a good brand. I haven't seen any pc enthusiasts use it. You need a Corsair, Coolermaster, seasonic etc depending on the price (Coolermaster has the best price). I doubt the PSU on ebay is good because it's very cheap compared with necessary features such as 80+ certificate, modular cables.
  2. psu is fine its 650w will work with the most of the graphic cards .............but i will like to know which one are you going to use + are you getting any replacement warranty on this........if you are then take it ............on the other hand if you are not leave it ............. i have a seasonic and it came with a 3 year warranty.......
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