GTX670 and CPU bottlenecking.

Hello guys !

I have some questions about my rig and the future purchase of a GTX670.

First, here is my rig :

Corsair TX V2 650W (80+ Bronze)
4 x 2Go of G.Skill RAM (PC10600 OC@1600Mhz)
EVGA P55 LE (PCIe 2.0)

I'm a graphics design student and I'll work on game engines such as the UE3 and probably the UE4 later in the year.
I will buy a GTX670. That's a fact.

So here are my questions :

1. Will my CPU bottleneck the GTX670 ?

2. Will I have to change my PSU ?

3. I'm hesitating between the Zotac AMP! Edition and the Gigabyte Windforce.

Remember I WON'T overclock them and I don't care about the noise at all. These two cards are EXACTLY the same prize here, so I think I'll take the Zotac, but what do you think ?

Thank you for the answers and best regards from Belgium !
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  1. Your CPU at 4ghz will be fine and your PSU has plenty of power for the GTX 670, the GTX 670 uses as much energy as the the GTX 560 Ti but is over twice as powerful. Go for it and good luck in your graphics production. ;)
  2. You're good on all counts. In terms of your stated preferences, get the video card with the highest factory overclock, which I'm pretty sure is the Zotac AMP!.
  3. Thank you guys for your answers !
  4. You're welcome, one other thing you may want to keep in mind, since you are in graphics production, I would opt for the 4gb cards as you would benefit from the higher VRAM. ;)
  5. It could be interesting indeed, since i work with two screens... I'll stick with the Zotac, and I'll follow your advice for my next rig ! :p
  6. Oh yeah, the Zotac AMP! is base clocked at 1150 mhz, which is really high, and has a minimum boost clock of 1229 mhz at stock. That's definitely one of the fastest GTX 670's, if not the fastest. According to TechPowerUp, it's pretty quiet too, which is a nice bonus, 35 Db vs. the reference GTX 670 at 40 Db.
  7. You should be just fine, your CPU won't bottleneck your GPU at all, and your PSU is plenty of room
  8. Thank you for your answers !
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