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I have a problem with my internet connection on my computers an ipad in my house. They receive the wireless signal from the modem however do not connect to any webpages.

But what makes this weird is my cellphone stays connected through all this and can access the internet.


Laptop - wireless connection on XP (does not connect)
Desktop - wired connection on Vista(does not connect)
iPad - wireless connection (does not connect)

HTC wildfire - wireless connection works fine and connects to internet

Linksys by Cisco modem WAG160Nv2

Thanks in advance for any help
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  1. This would be straightforward if it didn't inclue an i-Pad. Windows settings could upset the XP and Vista systems but Apple stuff tends to jump into networks easily. I can't help wondering if the phone isn't getting Internet straight form the sky and your network isn't working at all.

    Any possibility of that?

    Two questions - can the computers "see" each other in a network through that hub and are they set in Internet Explorer>Internet Options>Connection tab>LAN button to "Automatically detect settings"?
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