How to connect an old COM port device to a computer with only a USB?


Sorry, I asked a similar question the other day but cannot really understand what I need to do here.

Basically I have a LED Electronic sign from 1992, the company that make the sign are out of business. You can program messages on the sign using some old DOS software. I have managed to install the software on a Windows XP computer and it runs successfully. However, it can not detect the a COM port.

The sign is meant to connect to the computer using a COM port(COM to COM) I have a USB device that plugs into a USB port and the output is a COM port. I can physically connect the sign to the computer this way but it doesn't show a visable COM port in device manager.

I've also made a virtual COM port, which works but it's not linking it to the sign if you know what I mean.

The main issue is, getting the USB port changed into a virtual COM port, in which devices connected to will be recognised
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  1. Seen this?

    May also have to check your BIOS and enable "Legacy USB devices" or "COM ports" (may be called serial ports).
  2. The pins are DB15 layout( old game controller/joystick input), also i'm trying to do it on a laptop so a PCI device wouldn't fit.

    I have one of these:

    But when I connect it to my computer and go to device manager the device is under "human interface devices" - this is very frustrating.

    I need the device to appear in Ports(COM & LPT) but i've no idea how. I can create a virtual COM ports and get it to appear there, I just cannot make the USB device appear there.
  3. Sorry but I got nothin'.
  4. To be honest I very little on it either. I've been asked by someone to try and get this electronic display board to work and programmed but the technology been used is before my time. Thanks for your help anyway
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