Computer just won't start

Amd apu a8 3870k black
8gbs corsair vengeance 1600mz
Ga a75m d2h
Basicaly I was playing planetside 2 and then my computer suddenly cut out. So I turned off the power supply and at the mains crossed my finger and turned it back on. All I got was a blue light that lasted half a second and then nothing happened. So I check to see if the powersupply had died but after a few test it seems to still be in working order. Now I don't know if my motherboard is broke or the processor and if they are will I be able to get a new one under the 1 year guarantee
Sorry if this is in the wrong section because the is no I don't have a clue section
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  1. How did you check the power supply?
    Thats the most likely culprit followed by the motherboard.
  2. I swapped power supply's with another computer
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