Selling my gaming PC

I'm considering selling up my home built gaming PC for a laptop/ultrabook but I've no idea what sort of price range I'd be looking at.

Gigabyte GA-Z68-UD3P-B3
Nvidia GTX 560ti 1GB
i5 2500k 3.3GHz Quad Unlocked
8GB DDR3 Ram
Novatech Vortex Case
OCZ Modular PSU (500W)
Standard 7200 RPM HDD (600GB) <=== ~3 years old, everything else 1 year old or newer!

Possibly £450?
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  1. you would have to price the individual pieces as if you were buying them today, total it up and then subtract about 20% for it being a year old and used - i would start there
  2. As a rule, you yield more by selling the parts individually.

    Go to e-bay and search for each of your parts in used condition. Then select completed auctions and you will see what the part actually sold for in green.
  3. Ah right ok thanks.
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