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Finally my first build is almost complete and everything is running swimmingly, but the graphics card. I have the Radeon HD 7970 and it isn't being recognized in dxdiag so I'm assuming it's not working correctly.

I read that you may have to change the mobo to PCI-e setting for the card to be recognized but I can't even access BIOS to do so. I start up the PC, but it goes right to "Starting Windows..." without giving me a BIOS prompt.

Any advice is much appreciated :)
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  1. you bios may be set to not display the "bios splash screen", the screen that gives you the motherboards manufacturers logo and the hit this key for boot menu or hit this key for bios settings etc... to get enter the bios power on your computer and immediately start spamming your delete key on your keyboard. That should get you into your bios.

    As for your Radeon 7970 not being detected by dxdiag, if you have your monitor connected to you Radeon card and not a onboard video card then your Radeon is working. You are better off using GPUz to look at your video card info/temps/etc... and I know some of the newer mobo's like ASRock have a power saving feature that switches from your discrete card to the onboard card (to save power) based on the graphics load, if you have this feature on your motherboard it may be part of the problem.
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