560 ti w/ 2 monitors 1 tv

I know 3 different displays is impossible with the 560 ti.

I am wondering if it's possible to to have a setup similar to this:

Main Monitor + Secondary Monitor + TV Duplicate secondary monitor

I doubt there is, but I thought I'd check.
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  1. From a single 560 Ti, I don't think it's possible. You can definitely get 2 monitors and use them as Extended or Duplicate, but you can not run a third monitor. You would need to buy a second 560 Ti and run them in SLI.

    I thought well why can't I use the i5 (Intel HD 3000) to run a 3rd monitor, but I was told you must choose which graphics to use. The Intel 3000HD or 560-Ti. So it's not possible to run 3 monitors with one GPU.
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