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Below is my computer configuration. :)

Processor: i5 - 2500K
Motherboard: Asus P8P67 M
Ram: Corsair 4GB 1300MHz
Hard Disk :500GB & 160GB
Graphic Card: Sapphire HD 6750
Cooler Master 350W SMPS :ouch:

And I'm looking for upgrading my SMPS. I have chosen two PSU. Need to have your suggestion and feedback :D

Here are the 2 SMPS I have selected

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  1. I looked on the Eggxpert Psu quality hierarchy chart, and couldn't find either one of those two power supply's.

    What is your budget? Are there certain features you must have? I did a quick search and found: for a good price after MiR, and it's a semi-modular design. It's also listed as a tier 3 psu. Good quality.
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    For a system using a single Radeon HD 6750 graphics card AMD specifies a minimum of a 450 Watt or greater power supply. The power supply should also have a maximum combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 23 Amps or greater and have at least one 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector.

    Total Power Supply Wattage is NOT the crucial factor in power supply selection!!! Sufficient Total Combined Continuous Power/Current Available on the +12V Rail(s) rated at 45°C - 50°C ambient temperature, is the most critical factor.

    You may find power supplies on the market that supply more than enough Wattage to run the system. However, some of them lack Sufficient Amperage capacity on the critical +12 Volt rail, which is necessary to properly power the critical components in the system (i.e. CPU and GPUs). This is the reason why graphics card manufacturers may overstate the power supply wattage, usually by at least 50 Watts, in an attempt to take into account some of those power supplies that have the weaker +12 Volt rail(s).

    The Corsair VS Series VS550 ( SKU# 75-001836 / CP-9020050 ), with its maximum combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 42 Amps and with two (6+2)-pin PCI Express supplementary power connectors, is more than sufficient to power your system configuration with a single Radeon HD 6750 graphics card.

    The Cooler Master Thunder 500W (RS-500-ACAB-M3), with its maximum combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 34 Amps and with one (6+2)-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector, is more than sufficient to power your system configuration with a single Radeon HD 6750 graphics card.

    Both power supplies use CWT (Channel Well Technology) as its OEM.

    I would recommend choosing the Corsair VS over the Cooler Master Thunder if the price is similar.
  3. The Corsair should be OK, it is generally a good brand.
    The cm thunder is unknown to me.
    Here is one list of power supplies sorted by quality
    I might look for a tier 2 unit if you are on a budget.

    Your 6750 only needs a decent 430W unit.
    Nothing wrong with a stronger psu.
  4. The Cooler Master Thunder Series are not sold in North America because they only handle 200-240V AC input.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion friends.

    I'm able to run my computer with my current PSU. But unable to play games.

    I'm not going by the budget or price. Though not an avid gamer. I'm looking for a good 500 -600W PSU to play games at decent FPS. Will be still looking preferably for 500W or 550W PSU. Will be choosing the Corsair PSU.

    Yes, the CM Thunder Series is available in my location. I'm from India.

    Thanks Guys
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