Hd5450/8800gt on e4500 @2.2

I want to know if my cpu will bottleneck an hd 5450/8800gt. I got an almost 5 year old computer this one exactly
im choosing between those two. I know that the hd5450 isnt really a gaming gpu but it runs on less power than the 8800 and my psu is 250w. If anyone want to recommend a gpu that my cpu wont bottleneck and will run on little power plus be a semi decent gaming computer or at least better than the hd5450 that'd be great. If its under $50, it be great.

Intel Core 2 Duo e4500 @2.2
2gb (1x2) ddr2 @667
generic 250w psu
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    The CPU listed isn't too bad and I don't think the 8800GT will be much of a bottleneck but it does have a high power draw and it would be a little risky to try it on a 250w PSU. The HD7750 can provide good performance at a low TDP.
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