[NEED ADVICE] This is my idea for about 700-800$ build...

mine's medium range gaming pc which i will use for gaming and basic schoolwork

Processor- i3 2120

Motherboard-ASRock Z77 Pro4

RAM/Memory-G.Skill Sniper DDR3 8GB(2x4GB) RAM

Video Card-PowerColorATI Radeon HD6850 1GB DDR5

HDD-Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB

PSU-Corsair CX600 600Watts (I personally think its too much)

Monitor-AOC 20'

Other parts not needed

I stay in India

I'm a bit confused about the RAM , PSU and Graphics card

this comes out to be about 870$....

I need to reduce it to about little less than 800$..

Thanks guys
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  1. Also forgot to mention
    Case-NZXT Source 210 Elite

  2. You are wasting your money on an intel processor unless you are going to be hardcore gaming I would always go for amd try the AMD A8 5800k it is a solid prosesor and because it is a k part you can over lock it unlike the intel I have use this many times and it is a great budget processor
    That is good ram as long as it is 1600 MHz it will be fine for gaming and school work

    For your graphics I would go for the amd radeon 7770 as it is the same price but in my opinion it is a better card
    And finally I would keep that power supply if I were you it means in the future if you want to upgrade you will have the ability to and also it is a very reliable power supply as it is made by corsair

    Overall that's only saving you about 40 dollars but that's about as low as you can go if you want a good gaming computer
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