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3 Monitors, one GPU, 2 outputs.

Ok so this may not even have an answer and may be dumb. But currently I am using a PC with a GTX 560, I was planning on buying a monitor until I realised my retired neighbor used to own a business and has ALOT (10+) 4:3 aspect ration monitors. I thought it would be cool to take three of them(He offered them to me, I would not have imposed such a conclusion). Would it be possible to hook up 3 montors(Using DVI) if my GPU only has 2 dvi outputs. Pretty there a spliter I can buy, and would it work?

They run at 1400x1050

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  1. If you wanted to clone an image, then I suppose some sort of a splitter would work.

    More modern (and expensive) graphics cards can handle three monitors.
    Most can only handle two at one time, even if they might have three outputs.
    For you, the best solution would be to buy a second inexpensive graphics card to which you can attach two monitors. It should cost $30 or so.
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    I believe there are splitters, but then you would be showing EXACTLY the same image on the two monitors that were split from the same output, so what's the point?

    You'd have to get another video card if you want a third monitor. Two cards won't allow you to use all three as a single screen though, you'd only get three separate screens (A main screen and two extended screens).

    I imagine you could get a cheap $30 HD6000 card (HD6450 1GB) or similar for that third screen and continue gaming with the GTX 560 on the single screen.

    Sounds like more hassle than its worth though.

    Screens aren't too expensive, why not buy a single 22" 1920x1080 screen for $160 and add another 4x3 screen but disable it unless used?
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  4. Thanks then, you guys are probably right. Might aswell just put the effort into getting a better monitor. Then I could hook up my PS3 to it as well.
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