Windows 7 home premium v professional for gaming?

i am building a new gaming pc instead of upgrading my present gaming pc running winXP, mainly because of my acquisition of larger higher resolution monitor/s. i will have to purchase a new OEM windows 7. since i still have my 32-bit XP pc for older games like far cry, and you can't buy 32/64 bit versions without buying separate OEM packages [thanks microsoft], i am going to install a new OEM windows 7 64-bit OS on a new hard drive/SSD config for intel Z68/1155/i5-2500K/8GBDDR3(1600-dualchannel), with a high end radeon gpu to be added not too much later. since i can always buy an anytime upgrade from microsoft later, i would prefer to try Home Prem. version first, as it's only $99 on sale, and then if there are favorite/older games or programs that don't run i can always buy the anytime upgrade to access the windows XP mode? is this the way to go or will i be saving hassle by getting the Professional version at the start? it is $40 more than the HPrem. version of 7. anybody make an argument that i don't need or gain from the professional version at the higher price?
please share any experience you gamers out there may have with either or both versions [64-bit only please].
i also am aware that more games are incompatible with the 64-bit win7, but that is why i am keeping my older gaming pc as well.
thanks in advance, fritz
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  1. 64 bit can run 32 bit. The only games you need to worry about are just really old games that won't run on vista/7 (regardless of bit version) and 16 bit software. But there are free virtualization software, which is what xp mode is, so just get home premium. Far cry is not in the really old area yet. If you know anyone who is a student, you can get pro for $65 off the microsoft site.
  2. Your operation system really doesn't make a difference in this case. Windows 7 Professional is what i own but really the only crucial difference between pro and home premium is that Pro has the XP mode. Realistically however this is unnecessary because you can always just get virtualization software like DOS Box or the likes - usually not necessary for games that are made for Windows 98 or above. And 64 bit is essentially the same on the outside as 32 bit except it can use more than just 4gb RAM, so big performance boost. In short, save yourself the cash and just get Home Premium.
  3. I've been asking myself this same question as I'm getting ready to replace an OS. Correct me if I'm wrong here but Home Premium only supports up to 16GB of memory.

    Aside from that, I don't see any other limitation of using Home Premium for a gaming computer.
  4. Correct.
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