CPU still running hot after Heatsink change

I bought an old PC from a friend and noticed it would turn off after about 2 minutes every time i turned it on
I went into the Bios and saw that the CPU was at 70C. I thought this was the cause of the problem so I bought a different heatsink
After fitting and applying new thermal paste the new heatsink and turning it back on, it would still turn off after about 2 minutes, so I went back in to the BIOS and it was still running at 70C!
Can anyone tell me why its still running so hot and maybe why it keeps turning off?
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  1. Are all the fans spinning?
    How much thermal paste did you use?
    Whats the temp if you run it with the cover off?
  2. IS the new heatsink actually a better one?
  3. first things first: system specs?
    If its an AMD, then 70C is way too hot indeed. If its Intel its just hot but not extreme.
    there is a good chance that the old PC has a dying/degraded psu.
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