Whicg Graphics Card Should I Buy ?

Hi guys I wanna buy myself a new 3D Card for playing the modern games. I am not that HARDCORE gamer I just want it to play Battlefield 3, NFS The Run and Most wanted (2012) ......... So what should I look for ?
Secondly which brand should I go for AMD ATI or Nvidia ?
Third should I buy a Direct X 11 or DirectX10.1 ?
I have a DELL Optiplex 755 Tower running a Intel Q35 Chipset and E6750 Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz.
Please Guide ..........
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  1. We need to know your PSU and how may amps per rail it pushes before we can recommend a GPU.
  2. Its a Dell Optiplex 755 tower running a 305 Watt power supply and a 75 Watt PCI Express 2.0
  3. I would recommend an AMD 7750. It's a decent enough card which is powerfull enough to play a game once in a while, has Dx 11, but it doesn't require a new PSU or break your wallet.
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