[New Build] Kicka** Gaming PC for $1000?? Is it good?

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    Your cpu is great. Your motherboard is good. But it docent support ddr3-1866 ram, here is good ddr3-1600 ram, which is the max of the mobo, and its only $55. . The graphics card is awesome. Your case has 2 fans which is not alot, also it only has a 10.5 inch clearance for graphics cards and your graphics card is about 10.5 inches. The Antec 300 illusion is a much better case . Your PSU is fine but its outputting more power than your going to use. Also 256 gb of space is not alot, maby you could buy a cheaper ssd for your os (,3269-2.html ), and buy a hard drive for storage and if you do buy both your going to need to get another Sata cable. Lastly do you have a os your going to use?
  2. Everything is GREAT!

    Get the G.Skill RipJaws X 8GB 1600Mhz. It's the best RAM I've ever tested.
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