Downloaded a new, wrong driver, now my sound won't work!

I've done so many things to try and fix this, and nothing has fixed it yet, I was wondering if those on this forum would know anything about it. Lately i've been trying to reinstall my sound driver, and it stops at 85%, pulls up the install-shield wizard, and then does nothing for about 2-3 minutes, then gives me an error. Here is the previous forum I queried, so refer to it for some general questions. I'm starting to lose hope, so give any suggestions as to what could fix it.
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  1. in the bios turn off the integrated audio.
    boot into windows and uninstall the 'wrong' driver.
    run driversweeper or other driver cleaning software to remove all traces of it.
    run a registry cleaner such as ccleaner to remove any reference to it. links should all come up as 'target not found' or something like that at this point.
    download the correct driver, have it uncompressed if need be, and ready to use. Read the readme file for installation instructions as you may need to install the driver before turning on the audio. do so now if you need to.
    boot into the bios and turn on the audio chip.
    save, exit, and boot into windows. it should automatically detect the soundcard, follow the driver installation instructions you just read.
    let us know how it worked oout.
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