Best case around $100

I've been looking for a case for quite a while and haven't picked out a favorite. Here are my criteria:

ATX motherboard support
12" for video card
good cable management
good cooling

not a boring box
blue leds
painted interior

I like the nzxt phantom ($90) and phantom 410 ($100) purely for their looks. The fractal r4 ($90) is supposed to be good but idk. I like flashy designs like nzxt is known for but performance is more important. I still want to like how it looks, though.

My budget is around $100 but I can raise that if need be. I like newegg but deals are deals (amazon tends to have surprising prices sometimes).

Thanks for the assistance and advice =)
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  1. Not too concerned with sound if that helps.
  2. I have the 410, cooling is great, everything runs really cool, but then again I have all the fans you can possibly fit in there, which is a bit extra. cable management isn't the greatest IMO, but I'm sure you could make something work. as for the blue LED's it looks great on the front and if you put a blue 140mm LED fan (mines from NZXT.) it looks even better. ive had this case for a few months and i can't really complain. mine (which I bought from a site prebuilt (which I'm almost sure it comes standard as well.)) came with the fan wires zip tied together and looking nice. although i did have to cut some of the zip ties off to replace the top fans, thankfully it was the ones tied behind the mobo :P

    I don't want to completely sell you with this one post, the 410 fits my needs very well, but I'm not the avid gamer or video editor either. the biggest downer i think to the case would be getting the extra fans for the high cooling and the fact the black one (mine) smudges very very easy.

    please let me know if i can cover anything else! happy hunting!
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