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I am experiencing a problem that i just noticed today. My one video card was much hotter that the other in my sli setup, i have two gigabyte 560ti's. I opened up my case and saw that one fan of the two on the card was barely turning and the other one was slow as well.

My question is, can I apply some WD40 to the bearings of the two fans? they seemed sticky when i try and turn them with my hand, very sticky in comparison to the identical other card.

Please, any info would be appreciated.


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  1. No do not use WD-40 the bearings are sealed all that will do is cause dust to stick to your card. In SLI set up the first card is the one that runs the hardest and tend to run hotter than the second card.

    So here is a program so you can monitor your temps while gaming. You can set way points for your fan to increase in speed when the temps start to go up. You can monitor or fps.

    Plus if you know how to OC your card this program will do it but only if you know how. If you don't I suggest you don't mess around untill you learn or have somebody show you.

    I will link you to MSI Afterburner and it's user manual. I use it all the time without fail. You also can have on your screen while playing your games so you can see what your GPU's are doning. Let us know how things turn out and good luck.
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