Radeon HD 7750 On 300 Watt

Hey guys, I have a Dell insprion 570 with 3GB of ram, and a 300 watt psu. I was wondering If I could upgrade the video card to a hd radeon 7750 for a little bit of gaming. What it be okay with the Psu?
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  1. I also have a 300W power supply and i used this calc


    And a 300W psu should be able to handle a 7750 just fine as long as your not using a wack load of fans/lights and a bunch other stuff in your PCi slots using up power

    The 7750 is very efficient and uses barely any energy anyway only 55W. I had a older video card that was much worse than the 7750 and used way more power but worked fine on my 300W psu.
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