Solid amper light on Dell studio 540 after installing Corsair tx650M

My psu went out so i picked up and Corsair cx430 and it worked fine. i decided i would upgrade since i'm going to be upgraded everything soon anyway, so I recently purchased an OCZ 700Wat GameXstream refurbished unit. It died on me last night after on 3 days 24/7 on time. i walked in, PC was off, and wouldn't power on at all. tested psu with the paperclip and nothing.

I went and picked up a Corsair TX650M because i figured i'll pay more for a solid unit. i get home and plug it up from outside the case to test it and the PSU fan spins then stops. the CPU fan spins but the case fan spins and stops also. the front power light is also amber instead of white. i plugged it up to the monitor and took the ram out to check if it was ok and i get no video and no beeps (now i'm scared).

i read this post with a person having the exact same problem but all they said was the PSU didn't work i dont know if it's not compatible or whats going on but they got it working.

i have Dell studio 540

Core 2 quad 8200
2x 4 gb Ram
nvidea 8200
1 500gb hdd, 1tb hdd

please don't tell me the OCZ fried my motherboard, any other helpful info would be appreciated
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  1. tested the power supply with the paper clip and it dosn't power up. does this mean the PSU is no good?
  2. psu works... help please anyone
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