Checking Component Compatibility and Quality of Products

Hello Tom's Hardware Community,

I have recently started building my own Gaming Machine and would like some help with,
1) Organizing and Analyzing what Products will be best suited to my needs.
2) Checking that Products are compatible with each other.
3) Any recommendations that you may have.

I will want my PC for gaming, i will want to play games like Crysis and other FPS games but the key point is that i want to be able to play them on the highest quality with no game stuttering or offline lag because the components are too slow. Please keep this in mind when making any suggestions. I will be looking to spend about £1000 - £1200 on this machine.

So far i have bought my Case which is a Cooler Master HAF X as i know this does not massively effect any other components.
I assume the next Step is buying the Motherboard and CPU the two products i have been looking at are listed below:
Asus Maximus V Extreme
Intel i7 3770k (Not very good Example)

Could you please confirm that they are both good components, that they are compatible and also if there is anything better.

Kind Regards
Sam Colwill
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  1. Hi :)

    I build gaming computers in my shops in the UK...

    I will give you the same advice I give my customers who ask us to build a GAMING machine...

    You NEED to spend a MINIMUM of 33% of your TOTAL budget on the graphics card...

    In your case that's 400 quid...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Hi Brett and Anybody else reading,

    This is great information, but will my MB and CPU work well together?

    That will be my next step, Buying a Graphics Card.
    Are my Motherboard and CPU good enough to handle a £400-500 Graphics Card.
    I don't mind looking around for different parts but what actual specifications am i looking for:
    What i mean is, What Specifications show how good a Graphics card is. I have heard people say about how many GB's a Graphics Card is but i dont know what this means?

    Kind Regards
    Sam Colwill
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