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ASUS PB238q Siren On Start-Up

Hey guys,

I just bought this new Asus PB238q monitor for the PC I just built, and 5 days into using it, the monitor emits this loud siren-like beep when I reach the Windows user screen on start up. When I turn off the monitor, the sound stops. I then turn it on again, and the sound's gone when I reach my desktop. I'm wondering how serious this issue is & whether I should RMA this monitor. I'm running two monitors out of my GTX 660 ti 2GB. My Asus monitor is connected via DisplayPort, my older Samsung monitor via DVI. The Samsung doesn't make any sound on start-up, never has.

Thanks for any tips!


CPU: i7 3770
MOBO: z77 ud5h
PSU: 650 TX
GPU: 660 ti 2GB
SSD: 128GB
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  1. Just as a test, can you connect the Asus monitor via DVI or even VGA? Also, if you've got an HDMI cable around, I'd like to know what that does as well.
  2. If you just bought it, you should not even try to fix it. Give it to the warranty service. Or you could try swaping cards or monitors or ports. Good luck.
  3. Well, surprisingly enough, I turned on my computer this morning and the sound was gone! It was there every day for the previous 4-5 days, so I finally put it up on the forum...and the next day it's all good.

    Thanks for your tips, guys.
    This monitor kicks butt, by the way. IPS 23" with swivel, non-glossy? Awesome.
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    Not the first time my mere presence appears to have solved a problem. :D

    Seriously though, glad the issue appears to be gone and that you like the monitor.
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