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I’ve just received my new pc with an AMD A8-3870 processor complete with a Geforce GT 640 2GB graphics card (£80) and I’m not impressed with the visual quality of the card when watching internet streamed films and videos. I have a Dell pc with a Radeon HD 6450 card (£30) and that’s much better quality.
So, I’m looking at replacing the 640 with either the Sapphire HD 6870, 256 bit 1120 cores, or HD 7770, 128 bit 640 cores, (presumably higher number of bit and cores gives better quality??) both 1GB card but don’t know which card would give me the best viewing quality. Anyone help with which card??
Thanks, Paul
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  1. If you have no intention for gaming then a Radeon HD 7750 or 7770 would do the job fine. If you do a lot of gaming then go for the Radeon HD 6870 or 6950. Also whats the problem with you GeForce 640, i believe there wont be any difference in video quality when you upgrade to a Radeon card. If you upgrade to a Radeon HD 6870 you can do full HD 1080p gaming with ease.
  2. The 640 put simply is crap, grainy picture quality, stop start, etc. As said, the 6450 is much better but that pc is now used for other activities so need a replacement pc. Bought the 640 on recommendation but disappointed.
    Open to oher suggestions?
  3. A radeon 6770 can crossfire with your cpu,,isn't the processors gpu better than the gt640?
  4. Have you tried just the onboard graphics they should be fine for any non gaming application.
  5. The best GPU that can crossfire with your APU is the HD 6670.
  6. Ok, how do I change my settings from the GT640 to the onboard graphics?
  7. through bios I would expect, and connect your monitor to the output on the mobo, u might want to look 4 how 2's on google, a radeon hd 6670 2gb would be a good investment with your apu, $60 well spent
  8. Just remove the GT640 from your system you dont really need it.And install the AMD Catalyst drivers while youre at it.
  9. Kamen_BG said:
    Just remove the GT640 from your system you dont really need it.And install the AMD Catalyst drivers while youre at it.

    So I simply take out the gt640 card from the pc and the graphics settings will automatically switch to the onboard 6550D gpu?
  10. Yes :).But for the video enhancement features on the 6550D to work you need to download this.
    Install it and if you want you can customize it.
  11. whoever sold you a comp with an a8-3870 and a 640 needs to be slapped. =\

    Anyways, i suggest you go with a 6670 and crossfire it with the APU's IGP.
  12. Well I've just taken the 640 out and now using the onboard 6550d graphics, slightly better quality but not good enough! Just ordered the 6670 card which should be here by Tuesday. All else fails, pc going back.
    Cheers guys
  13. Might try overclocking next, that could be fun!!
  14. btw, you need to setup the crossfire of the apu+6670 in a certain way, you should look up how to do it on the web or youtube.
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