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I've recently discovered that my new graphics card will not fit inside my case. I want to move a Lenovo MAHOBAY motherboard into this older case:

The problem is I have no idea how to manage the connectors in the older case. The older case has a two pin power supply connector and reset connector, which doesn't seem like it will be able to fit on the Lenovo motherboard.

Here is the Lenovo motherboard: It has 3 available connectors, which seem to be blocked off. I also have no idea whether the plastic casing is detachable or can be used with these 2 pin connectors. The others are occupied with USB and AUDIO jacks which I do recognise.

Is there any way I can use these 2 pin connectors? I don't want to have to buy a new motherboard if I can avoid it.

Many thanks
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  1. while it won't be easy it is 'do-able'.
    You'll need to follow the existing wires back to the front and determine their function. From there you can make a note of were to connect the new case's wiring. Maybe it would be easier to follow the wiring from the front back down to the connectors.

    All power and reset switches will be 2 wires. All the switch does is momentarily short the two together.

    Unfortunately for you your power switch probably has an led in it adding a wire or three. You might need a multimeter to test with to figure out which is which.

    What ever you do, don't screw up. Double and triple check your work.

    On the new case you may have to pull the pins from the connectors which should have some tabs on the side of the connect that you just push in and then pull the wire out. be sure to label each wire. In the end you can put the new case wiring into the old connector (after pulling the wires out of the lenovo connector) or just wrap some electrical tape around the end so it wont short out and plug it directly onto the correct motherbd pin.
  2. Ah I see, that would make sense. After looking at a manual it labelled a single block connector as a power supply interface connector. This is probably out of my reach unfortunately. I have one more thing I can try in order to fit my card in; it involves using a set of PCIe extension cables. Fingers crossed.
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