Should I put my PSU on Hybrid or Normal?

So on my Seasonic X650 I can put it to Hybrid or Normal.

Which should I have on, if I put it in hybrid will it lower the life time of it ect?


i5 3570k
GTX 670
Arock Extreme 4
Case - NZXT Switch 810

The PSU is bottom mounted.
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  1. it actually offers 3 modes of operation. Fanless mode (fan off), Silent mode (fan on low), and Cooling mode (fan on and speed ramps up with temp/load)

    I dont beleive you have any control over which mode its in. Theres no switch or anything like that on the unit itself.
  2. As a leading provider of silent power supply, Seasonic this time around delivers a true breakthrough solution for thermal and noise management. The X Series adopts a clever “Hybrid Silent Fan Control” design, which offers three distinct operation modes, fanless mode, silent mode, and cooling mode. The X automatically adjusts fan mode and speed according to the ambient temperature level. This brand new design not only optimizes heat dissipation, but also prolongs lifespan of the system by reducing unnecessary fan rotation. To make the X Series even more robust and exciting, Seasonic offers Sanyo Denki San Ace PWM Silent Fan on X, the best fan there is in the industry and taking advantage of the PWM feature.

  3. Theres no switch or anything like that on the unit itself. < I have it and there is a hybrid and normal switch on the unit.

    SWITCH ON THE X650 looks like this one just different unit.Upper left hand corner of PSU.
  4. Hybrid mode will run more silent,i have mine on normal and still very quiet.
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