Dual 3GB grapicscards or single 6GB?

Im building a new pc, and im wondering if I should buy two XFX Radeon HD 7970 3GB an link them with crossfire or use a single Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 6GB Toxic GHz Edition. The sapphire will cost me a bitt less, but don't use that as an argument. Whaw will give me the best performens and highest frame rate?
PS: Im hsung a Cooler Masters Storm Enforcer Miditower.
thanks :D
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  1. What resolution will you be using? Also what hardware are you planning to pair it with?
  2. I'm Using three Samsung 21.5" 1920 * 1080
  3. The Dual 3Gb cards will work much better as even at that resolution you will not need more than 3Gb and crossfire scales nicely on these cards at high resolution.
  4. ok, thanks :)
    bye the way, do you think that a 700w powersuply will be enough?
  5. Yes as long as its a good make ie Corsair or Antec.
  6. I was thinking about a CM Lite 700W, but i guess a XFX 750W will be a lot better
  7. Generally XFX are much better than CM but check reviews on both to see, and even though 700W is fine 750W gives an extra margin for safety when your connecting it to that kind of value in hardware.
  8. Thanks for the tip :D
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