No Sound From Right Speaker

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD4-B3
On board audio: Realtek ALC889
Speakers: Logitech LS21 (2 front speakers L/R and a subwolfer... Connected to CPU through one audio cord, the green one)
OS: Windows 7

The speakers work fine when I plug them into my iPhone and play music. Can change balance from Left to Right and the speakers play music accordingly.

I plug them into my computer and the Right speaker does not work. No sound, and when I do the test with the Realtek HD Audio Manager, it tries to play sound out of the right speaker but gets nothing.

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  1. Balance set to the left side or a defective motherbd.
  2. Balance the volume in hd audio manager.
  3. Hi,

    Figured out that the on board back panel plug is no good.

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