My voltages don't seem right...

I just put together my new system. AMD Phenom 965, MSI 970A, powered by and Antec trio 650W. I also have two xfx 9800gt's running in here. I just ran CPU-Z and the voltages are running a little weird and the multipliers are changing. I also ran speccy and it shows my voltage on the +12V rail at 14.7v and 3.1v on the +5v

Is my power supply toasted?
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  1. Depends... Antec is a reliable brand.
    I would check the bios readings and if that's still suspicious use a psu checker or a multimeter. If those methods show strange voltages get a new psu. :)
  2. you need manual with volt tester not at software .. sure correct +12v, xx it's normal .. use DC volt
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