Hybrid crossfire

is it possible to crossfire an AMD A8-3870K with two 6670's or do you think an i3 and two 6670s is better .
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  1. An i3 and a single card to the value of 2 6670s is better.
  2. I don't think crossfiring 2 6670's is even possible.

    I'd go with the 6670 and a8 3870k.
  3. Mmm i3 has alot of gaming performance and a 6870 or at least gtx560 will give you good gaming
  4. you can crossfire two 6670 , they just don't use crossfire bridges .
    this is for a friend , he already has a 6670 but he couldn't fit it in his case so im going to build a new computer for him .
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