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Hello, I am putting together a home theatre based around my pc and I was wondering what software would I need because I really dont want to be shelling out a whole lot of money of software. My set up is as follow:
INtel core i-5 2500k
8gb ddr3@1800
auzentech meridian 7.1 soundcard
AMD 6950 2gb
Viewsonic pjd6221 plunk projector @120hz
THX certified logitech speakers, but may soon start outputting to a dedicated reciever in the near future
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  1. To further add I want to watch 3d on it as it does support that, and currently the only program i can use is stereoscopic player since itsonly program that has the option for frame sequintial 3d, everything else says I need nvidias nvision. Viewsonic said I had to either buy there adapter box which is not cheap or get nvision but so is stereoscopic player. It wouldnt be so bad but its 2d to 3d conversions always have really choppy frame rates and I know arcsoft is pretty smooth but it will only do frame sequencing if i have an nvidia card. To add though my mobo can allow a second vidieo card
  2. and sorry for the terrible grammar
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