When i enable crossfire shuts off

Hi, so i have been looking around for a fix and i just cant find one so i was hoping u guys could help me

when i launch a game 20 - 25 seconds pc shuts off and have to switch psu off 5 seconds and back on for it to start again

but its only when crossfire is enabled

i looked in event viewer it says kernel power and the id is 41.
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  1. to start off please list your full system specs including psu make and model...
  2. Sounds like not enough power, what PSU and cards do you have?
  3. i have a ArticBlue 850w psu and my specs
    powercolor ati
    ati 4850
    amd fx 6100
    8gb ram
    asrock 990fx
  4. Whats the PSU on your computer?

    EDIT: Oops, sorry, didnt read it.

    And I've never heard of that power supply before. Could you give us some of the specifications on the power supply, namely on the label of it?
  5. sounds like your psu is garbage, get a reliable unit
  6. could it be that the memory on both graphics cards are diffent example,
    ati 4850 ddr3

    power color is ddr5

    and the gpu ids are diffent
  7. yeah that could be a big problem, you need identical chips at least, doesnt matter the brand but id assume if they are two different derivative models then that is your problem...

    when you run either single card by themself are they okay?
  8. well when crossfire is off its fine no problems
  9. Can you give us some of the information on the label of that PSU?
  10. If it where the ddr3 vs ddr5 you would get a BSOD but when computers shut off is either overheat which i doubt alot and that the power supply goes over the limit and shuts off as a precaution

    Buy a reliable PSU, in my opinion Seasonic
  11. are your pci-e lanes running 8x8? it seems like one may be running at a low speed, check your bios
  12. i couldn't find anything that says pci voltage speed but i do know that there a 2 different chips in my both graphics cards one has a rv770 and one has m98
    is this the reason one is a original ati rv770 and the other is a mobility chip
  13. I woud be 99% sure its the cheap PSU you can't expect a £25 PSU to deliver close that power.
  14. I know with the 5, 6 and 7000 series you can mix cards (a 7970 with a 7950 can be crossfired as an example). I doubt it matters if the memory is different, it should just run at the speed of the slower model. I would google around for an answer to that though, maybe check with AMD support.
  15. You can mix different RA<M speeds and amounts on 4850s in crossfire they just both run like they are the slower card. The problem is the PSU its an unknown brand priced at half the price of a good 600W PSU.
  16. yeah the psu is trash end of story get a new psu, sell both cards and get a reliable single gpu...
  17. jjb8675309 said:
    yeah the psu is trash end of story get a new psu, sell both cards and get a reliable single gpu...


    Jesus that PSU is cheap, I can't even find proper specifications for it, like how many amps on the 12v rail.

    Go with a good brand like corsair for your next PSU, make sure to do searches for reviews before you jump at a purchase
  18. there 34a on the rail
  19. which is a very low amount to begin with, your psu is likely not delivering the measly specs it promises

    shoot my 650w XFX psu had 52amps on a single 12v rail!

    try a different psu, thread over!
  20. Do you think the Corsair Builder 600 can power my pc
  21. A 550W PSU is recommended as minimum for a crossfire 4850 build:


    I would go 650W to be safe, especially if you have a lot of drives, fans, or want to overclock.
  22. lol this is one of the dumbest threads ive ever participated in....
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