Which GPU?????

Am building a new pc and are wondering whether to go for a GTX 560 ti or a GTX 570.

I don't have enough money for the 570 but was wondering if I should wait to buy one or go for the 560?

Are the advantages of the 570 worth paying for? Or is the 560 ti a good enough card for modern games and the future?

Many thanks,
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  1. Am building a new PC and are wondering whether to go for a GTX 560 ti or a GTX 570.

    I don't have enough money for the 570 but was wondering if I should wait to buy one or go for the 560?

    Are the advantages of the 570 worth paying for? Or is the 560 ti a good enough card for modern games and the future?

    Many thanks,
  2. The GTX 560 Ti is legendary for its overcocking abilities. Most will overclock above 1000 mhz. At 900-950 mhz, the 560 Ti is a match for the 570, so you won't be missing out on any performance by spending a little less.

    If your purchase can wait until August, the GTX 660 Ti will be released and that might cause the prices on the GTX 570 to come down.
  3. Hi,

    I don't know which gpu to get?

    I want to spend under £200 but the gtx 570 looks incredible but is just out of my price range?

    Can you give me any advice?

    Should i save up for a more expensive card?

    Will cards like the GTX 560 ti run games at a solid fps? or do I need a better card for that?

    Many thanks guys,

  4. What's up with the multiple threads?

    Wrong forum...anyways.

  5. Need an answer fast so trying to make attention, sorry
  6. Neither, an 7850 is better then both.
  7. At stock, the 570 is better, but it is so easy to OC a GPU, and a 7850, even when OCed, will use less power than a 570 at stock.
  8. cheers, how big will the temperature difference be after the 560 is overclocked to gain performance that is close to the 570's, will it still be manageable?
  9. a 7850 uses about half as much power as a 570. id recommend the XFX Double Dissipation 7850 or the asus directcu2 7850
  10. This is the cheapest 7850


    It's overclocked but not that much from other one's

    It only uses one six pin PCIe connector
  11. how easy are they to oc in the future? and what sort of fps am i going to get out of that bad boi?
  12. Quote:
    cheers, how big will the temperature difference be after the 560 is overclocked to gain performance that is close to the 570's, will it still be manageable?

    Deinitely, its a cool running card. There are many different custom models to choose from and the reference ones are pretty good too. If I were getting one, I would look at the MSI Hawk model.

    You might also want to consider the GTX 560 Ti 448 cores model, which is basically a GTX 570 for a little less money, and a lot of overclocking headroom.
  13. You can probably max out any game with a 7850 and it's 2gb and I've been told that your need a 2gb GPU to max out game's
  14. nah. more like near max with 50+ fps
  15. FRUM WUT BADBOY brah?
  16. Depends on the game, ultimately.
  17. read toms review of the 7870 and 7850. they were using older drivers so expect 8-10% more
  18. just get a asus 7850. its 185 pounds at scan i think. it performs super close to a 570 but it uses half the power

    the 7850 from asus is also great for overclocking. you can probably add another 80mhz easily and get it clocked to 950mhz. then it would perform much better than a 570
  19. Is amd any good tho?
  20. I have heard the HD 7850 is good, any opinions???
    I jusst tend to be a nVidia fan boy tho.
  21. A simple search can get you that 570 BUT make sure you have a good 650W PSU as this takes a lot of watts also alternative is the 7850 which can be clocked to 7950 speeds.
  22. like a said... a 7850 because it's neck to neck with a 570 and is cheaper and more efficient
  23. i always liked the 560Ti for the reason it can play most the games at 1080p with everything on highest settings but NOT intended to apply anti alias or anisotropic filters (i dont care as long as its highest settings) its waaay better than the 6870 which i had and going for GTX570 would inly be for an INTENSE but INTENSE gamer

    ohhh and thats without overclocking since overlocking can make it go almost to 570 levels (non overlcocked levels)

    if you plan to spend top dollar then wait for a 670 or 680 otherwise just buy a 560ti and it wont let you down

    ohhh also know that the GTX480 can be found for 220 just keep in mind is PSU requirements which is more than the other 2

    7850 is around 230 and what i like about it is that it can be overclocked to 7870 levels and its not that power demanding so expect a cooler card
  24. Quote:
    I have heard the HD 7850 is good, any opinions???
    I jusst tend to be a nVidia fan boy tho.

    You would have to give up your PhysX, Adaptive VSync, FXAA, Nvidia driver support, etc.
  25. thanks guys, but from benchmarks I have seen shows that the 7850 is pretty high performance card almost reaching 570 levels, almost. But I don't have alot of faith in sapphire so I would probably go for the Asus dcuII model but that has gotten low reviews because of the way the cooler fits. Any opinions on sapphire? if not i may just stick with a 560 and overclock and hope for the best.
  26. But i wanted to go for the Asus model and that hasn't got too good reviews. Any other models that are reliable, like sapphire? are they any good?
  27. When it comes to GPU brands, they are all pretty close. A card from Sapphire, ASUS or Gigabyte wont disappoint. I have the HD7870 from Sapphire (it should be essentially identical to the HD7850, except for the GPU in it) and no problems so far.

    It stays below 65C under full load (overclocked) for 15mins. Also it overclocks like a champ (though any HD78XX card will do that).
  28. ASUS cards are Golden but ive had sapphire cards and they are like basic design i ve owned mmm a HD2400 HD3850, HD3870, HD4870, HD5770(in crossfire), HD6850 and a HD6870 and the only one that has sort of disappointed me is the 6870 and maybe because i bought it USED and had not a very good overclocking headroom but apart from that it ran very well no Heat issues, or any other thingy

    also a Radeon 9000 that i bought for 5dlls on ebay lol had a fan issue

    just make sure you have a nice PSU

    this is a thing i do and dont know if it affects somehow but i always change on all cards the tharmalpaste i use Arctic Cooling MX-2 and Mx-4 and i have seen at least 5 Celsius degree drop, even with my new GTX670 (went with NVidia this time just to try :D and liking it)

    ohh and always use the Sapphire trixx to adjust the Fan Curve to 50% all from 0-50C and climb to 100% at 80C since ive seen that the fan on all cards since Hd3870 run Slow and make the card heat to 90C and with my fan curve its lowder but never goes beyond 70 even overclocked

    i know its alot but i tried to remember everything i did and i never got issues with Sapphire
  29. o' rly? i heard that OC most cards will just have them burn up no matter what the review. and that it is risky and will reduce your card life dramatically
  30. thanks thats awesome info, i just didn't want to consider OC because of the potential risks i have heard of, but I am being tempter to the 570 because of its raw power and being able to run most games on ultra without OC.
  31. There is the possibility of reducing the lifespan and/or damaging the card, but as long as your careful, it should be fine.

    Overclocking does increase temperatures, but that's what the custom cooling on most branded cards are for. As long as it stays under 90C (I personally don't let it above 70C), the card wont fry on the spot.

    Higher temperatures sustained over time does reduce the lifespan of the card (that's why I dont let it above 70C), but in a gaming load it wont hit that temperature unless your case airflow is horrible.

    Another risk is giving it too much voltage, as that will quite quickly raise temperatures and outright damage hardware. But voltage doesnt need to be altered much (or at all) for a good overclock and the chance of this is minimal.

    The upside to all that is more performance from the same hardware. So a much better price to performance after overclocking.
  32. i dont see why people are complaining about asus 7850s. its such a great cooler and its dam quiet. probably asus got a bad batch of chips
  33. Its the fact that it uses the 7870 cooler on the 7850 which is 2 inches shorter. I don't know if this will effect performance or even improve it but it was something that reviewers picked up on.
  34. yeah. you can see that the 7850 from asus that the cooler is longer than the PCB and heatsinks
  35. Would that make much of a difference? Or if i was to get one would I better off getting one made by another company?
  36. There is no issue with the ASUS cards, I would actually say there tieing with Gigabyte for the best aftermarket cards (in my opinion). The card length doesn't matter as long as you have a case that will fit it, and any decent one will do it easily.
  37. but will they give the same performance? are they better than sapphire? i know that the sapphire comes overclocked but will the asus be able to get to the same level?
  38. Two 7850's clocked to the same speeds, regardless of brand, will give identical performance. The only thing that card manufacturers can do is add custom cooling (essentially). I know that with the HD78XX series, you will hit the limits of silicon (as in higher clock speeds just do nothing) before you hit thermal barriers.

    The ASUS model has the best cooling on the market with its DirectCUII system, it will quite easily hit the conservative factory overclock on Sapphire cards and then a ton more. Even a pre-overclocked card can easily get to higher speeds, my card is well over the OC version that Sapphire offer.

    Quite simply, get either the ASUS, Gigabyte, or Sapphire card. There is no difference in performance between them. Pick between them based on price, colour, random goodies in the box, it doesnt really matter.
  39. I am looking to buy a 7850 after persuading myself that the 570 is not worth the money because the performance is similar and the 7850 has low temps.

    Which is the best model of 7850?

    I have seen that the Sapphire OC has got good reviews and so has the Asus DCuII.

    Which is the best make of 7850 for good performance, OC ability and cool temperatures?

    Is the 570 worth considering at all or is the 7850 better? I was looking at the Asus DCuII model for the 570.

    Any opinions on this?

    Many thanks,
  40. Thanks that is good info :) I will probably go for the sapphire because it meets my colour scheme ;) and the factory oc to save me time :)
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