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Good Evening All,

I have a problem I was hoping someone could help me fix. I have a custom built PC that I have been running for roughly 6 months now and just recently it has hit a lag issues on its framerates. I am not sure if it is CPU related or video card related, the CPU seems to be put into overdrive when running games or multiple tasks. I am ran CCleaner to try to fix the problem but that did not help. I also updated my video card drivers and checked the temperatures on both my CPU and GPU which seem to be normal. A Malwarebytes scan found nothing nor Kaspersky and due to the fact that this is a gaming rig, and an expensive one at that I limit my downloading and try to watch what sites I visit. This issue seemed to pop up in the past few days and I have no idea what the root cause could be. Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be or would anyone be willing to run through some solutions? My system specs are as follows:

CPU: Intel i-7 2600 @ 3.4ghz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 580 3g
Op System: Windows 7 x64
RAM: 16gb

Any other questions please let me know, and thank you so much for your time in advance.

Edit: It is probably noteworthy to say that it is an intermittent issue. I first noticed it when I was playing Rage and the game stuttered and now today while checking to see if it was a fluke by running Terreria. Neither of these should be an issue for my PC at all.
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  1. have u defragged ur hard-drive and scandisked it?,

    also id uninstall ur nvidia drivers, and run driversweeper:

    than run a clean install of the latest nvidia driver.

    that could help u,

    also download hwmonitor

    and let me know what temps ur pc is reading.


    so i know ur exact temps and see if thats the root of the problem.
  2. iceclock,

    Will do this tonight when I get back home. Thanks!
  3. no problem, let me know how it goes.
  4. Will not be able to get around to it tonight, work ran late... Will do it first thing when I get back from work tomorrow but I will run the defrag tonight. Didn't want you to think I got it solved though so just a heads up. Thanks again for the help man.
  5. no problem feel free to pm me or post here with the results cheers. anytime :)
  6. Iceclock,

    Defragged both my drive partitions (0% fragmentation), Scandisk came up clean, uninstalled GPU drivers and freshly installed. Ran temp checks both while gaming and while not gaming with a relatively freshly booted system (again I noticed the problem is most easily identified while gaming but can happen while simply browsing the web in some occasions). I am also thinking about doing a clean install of Windows 8, have been considering upgrading and I guess now is as good a time as any, let me know if you suggest I hold off until solving this issue, but I figured if it is a weird operating system this might be a quick solution as well.

    While not gaming:

    Kombuster readings:
    Temp: 42C
    Load: 8%


    Core0: 23C - 32C
    Core1: 21C - 31C
    Core2: 20C - 32C
    Core3: 24C - 32C
    Package: 30C - 32C

    Gaming (Running Terreria in widowed mode after lag hit):


    Kombuster readings:
    Temp: 41C
    Load: 5%


    Core0: 20C - 32C
    Core1: 21C - 31C
    Core2: 25C - 32C
    Core3: 27C - 31C
    Package: 30C - 33C
  7. im spooked, maybe a complete fresh install would help, back up ur data before tho.

  8. Yea its really strange, I mean clearly with the system I have running that game should be absolutely no problem which is why I chose it... that framerate is not right lol. I will try a fresh install of windows 8, I don't have any data on this machine that needs backing up, I don't use it for everyday use, it is literally just a gaming rig :P. Also going to run a free rootkit checker just to be safe.
  9. Not convinced it is a GPU problem just yet, considering this problem came out of the blue and everything else reads fine. Going to wipe and reinstall fresh and see if that does the trick. Be back with a full report afterwords.
  10. im sorry that wasnt intended for ur thread, must of mixed up the threads.

    yeah im not saying u need a new gpu, that was an error.

    do a clean install and lets see how that plays out.

    feel free to msg me if u need more help.
  11. Haha no worries, will clean install tomorrow when I get home from work and let you know how it goes.
  12. sounds great dude. let me know
  13. Didn't get a chance to reformat yet, but I did notice something fishy... my cpu was running at 4.1ghz which is way over the 3.4 stock speeds. I don't overclock but went to my BIOS and it seems somehow it got changed. Reset it all back to default and so far the computer seems to be running smoothly. I wonder if maybe that was the root cause?
  14. somethimes overclocking ram and cpu can make unstable system, even if the systems running at higher clock can also have negative affects on overall speed and stability if not setup correctly.
  15. Did u think at all that it maybe be Win 8? I dont like it, but since its relatively new it may have some issues yet so if u can maybe try win 7?
  16. who knows, im with 7 ultimate and love every minute of it,

    i wont be upgrading for atleast a year or so when it stabilizes.
  17. At the moment i call win 8, vista 2.0 lol
  18. lol

    cant be as bad as windows me. that was epic=fail
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