Just built system, won't boot after booting to bios once

I just put together my system I ordered off TigerDirect. It booted once to the MSI bios, where i switched the boot order to dvd first to load the OS. I then rebooted the system, and got nothing at all not any display. I tried rebooting it a million times and still got nothing. I waited a bit, then tried again and it started doing something, it said 9d in the bottom right corner and the top left corner of the screen was a flashing | . I then rebooted again to nothing. I opened my case and realized that I put WAYYYY too much thermal compound on, it had leaked out onto the cpu pins and the motherboard, especially in the pin holes where the cpu goes into the motherboard. Upon further research, I read that you should use qtips, toothbrush, and rubbing alcohol to gently clean the cpu. So I did that, then tried again. Still nothing. I am using an MSI motherboard, AMD phenom ii x4 965 black edition, 8gb ram, and a geforce gtx 660 ti. Please help. It bugs me the most that I was able to go into bios that first time, but never again after.
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  1. Just remove the cmos battery and again install it and see.
  2. well beside the thermal paste in the pins and socket, u check if everything had power? i did that with two pcs with lower end power supplies, where either the hdd/dvd sata connection or power connection wasnt in place as it was a loose connection, or any other of the cables.

    Not to knowledgeable in excess thermal paste in the pins and socket but if the paste is blocking connection to certain points it may cause an issue, but again ive heard that ppl run phenoms that are actually missing pins without any performance loss, or any issues for that matter
  3. You may have hosed your CPU socket. Try to clean all the paste out and see if you get lucky.
  4. use this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835100010
    with a piece of lint free cloth and lots of patience. use optimum amount and follow the video.
    let every thing dry and reinstall cpu. you should be fine. do all this and get back and let us know how it went.

    good luck
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