Xp Home vs. XP Pro

What are the differences between XP Pro and XP Home?
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  1. This has been answered a lot. Try the search function on the left or try microsoft's website.

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  2. Well, sure as hell no one else here will answer your question. XP Pro is used more for business and business networking and XP Home is designed to be used by families and for home networking. XP Home doesn't include good networking tools like there is in XP Pro.
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    To append your answer, Windows XP Pro also includes SMP support. (IE: More than one CPU). Windows XP Pro also includes remote access tools not included in Windows XP Home. The best thing to do is take a look at Microsoft's website... you will find a detailed description of what the differences are between the two.
  4. That's a good ideal. As of Monday I have to decide that too. Do I need the extra bells and whistles???? Got till Mon. to decide. Where better to answer that, then MSN.
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