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Hello all,
recently i have put together a new build and all was well until i began trying to download my game clients (SC2, WoW, LoL etc..) almost immediately after beginning the download all computers in my home network, including my own, are unable to connect to any web pages. The game client continues to download but My family and myself cannot surf the web during. I contacted telus asking them about it and they say it sounds like my computer is using up too much bandwidth but they cant do anything about it. I dont know much about networking at all... how can i tell what my cap is and how much bandwidth my computer is using?? is upgrading my internet the only way to increase my total bandwidth? or does my router have anything to do with it?? any helpful hints would be appreciated!
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  1. You check and manage usage stats through an account you logon to your ISP's website. Upgrading is one way, but you could be on the best speed offer so faster speed is not possible.

    What is your connection type (3g, adsl, cable, fiber optic, dial-up, wimax)?

    I doubt you will experience speed issues if you are on adsl, fiber optic or cable if they work properly.
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