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Hey all,
So i build a pc with a Radion HD 5700 Series card, the one with dual DVI ports. I have a Viewsonic monitor and a Samsung Syncmaster P2570HD. I want to run both off the DVI ports, but I can only get the Viewsonic to run on DVI and the Samsung to run on HDMI. At the that, the image in the Samsung is terrible, which I dont get because I get a great image from other devices such as my xbox, dvd player and laptop via VGA. Anyone know how to get both screens to run off the DVI ports and have a good image?

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  1. Make sure that you have the monitor set to the correct input. If the monitor is set to HDMI and you plug in a DVI then it will not display an image.

    What do you mean that the "image on the samsung is terrible." Have you tried adjusting the resolution to the native resolution? HDMI is a digital signal so there shouldn't be variations in the qualtiy of the signal.
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