RAID is it worth the extra money?


I have just ordered this system:

1.2 athlon (266 fsb)
(2) 40 gb ata100 maxtor hardrives 7200 rpm
64 mg geforce 2 gts pro
256 pc 2100 ddr sdram
soundblaster live!
ECS k7S5a (SiS 735)

the rest doesn't matter.

My question is, is it worth it to spend the extra 100 or so to get RAID controller hardware. I realize it will speed up the rate of transfer from my harddrives, but will it be overkill? Will the extra rate of transfer make much of a difference, this machine will be a gaming machine

If you think it is worth spending that extra money, please leave the name of a good RAID controller
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  1. Well, for games, it's overkill. For office apps, and for Photo editing and video editing, it's worth it.

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  2. I don't think it's overkill for games, I mean in Deus Ex for instance under Win 98 SE it takes like 2 mins. to save a game b/c of teh hard drive.

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  3. "is it worth it?"

    a very subjective viewpoint.
    raid will greatly speed up pure transfer rates.
    very useful for loading alot of stuff.
    seeking is still the same.

    personally im very happy with my single ata100 ibm 60GXP.
    very efficient for what i do.
    sure i could go raid with my onboard controller, but what would cost me another drive, to to mention time & hastle setting it up properly.
    i play games
    sure the net
    write stuff
    rip mp3's
    watch movies
    and edit wav files

    for me, its not worth the dough, specially as i need a new monitor soon.

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  4. good point. also too, a game is only going to load so fast. i've played q3 many times on a single ata100 drive and i don't see how it could be much faster (noticably). but if raid is another braggin point for you then go for it.

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  5. yep.
    raid 0 CAN reduce such times...
    but u will have double the drives, the controller, more cables, and statistically a greater chance of drive failure, cauzing using a simple raid 0 with 2 drives in parallel if one dies you have lost the data on both.

    i like raid 1 though (redundent drive)

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  6. If you have already bought the two Maxtors than this doesn't matter. I think that storage space is more important than storage speed. I would spend the money on one large hard drive.

    As far as IDE RAID goes - a good friend of mine just installed the IWILL SIDE RAID controller. He edits alot of multitrack audio and has seen a noticable improvement in speed in his Audio apps but no improvement in some other apps.

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  7. RAID is also great for video editing and such, u ever try playing 1600x1200 uncompressed frames? It's nuts.

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