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i am going to build an amd apu based system. i will use a3850 apu which support upto 1866mhz my question is can i use a 1333mhz ram with my apu based system.
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  1. Yes, but like they conclude in the article, you are going to get better performance with an APU by giving it fast, tight ram:,2975-6.html
  2. Hi, I just wanted to confirm what larkspur said. You will get dramatically more performance out of a 1600 or even 1866 module set with APU. Since the CPU already needs your RAM and the GPU is also depending on RAM, you need as much speed as you can get.

    I suggest GSkill or Corsair HyperX modules, 8gb 2x4

    But however, you MIGHT wanna wait one or two months for it. There are new FM2 based APUs coming up soon, codenamed Trinity which are a huge step over Llano (what you plan to get). You should read a review that Tom's has on the matter, altough it covers the Mobile Trinity. But its results are already considerable, and for desktop, we all expect much more.

    Cheers c:
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