EVGA GTX 570 GPU clock stuck at 405 Mhz

This is the second occurrence of late and it's gotten me a bit worried, Using EVGA Precision X my GPU clock idles at 405 even after a considerable with temps at 45 degrees. and it obliges me to reboot my PC for it to back to normal.

I've also posted this issue in EVGA's forum but won't expect any replies from there soon so i'm hoping to have a bit more luck here.

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  1. ive had a similar problem with the 550 ti. except that it stays at 405 during gameplay. not right away, but later on. mabye it's a driver problem?
  2. It's probably a driver issue. Use a driver sweeper and then reinstall the drivers from nVidia's website.
  3. that is some kind of semi idle states for nvidia cards. normally the card will go into that clock when you were running program that use gpu but not heavily. for example watching video or opening web with gpu acceleration. that also happen to games that are light on gpu requirement. but there are times that my gpu cant enter proper idle state and stuck with 405mhz core clock even after closing all application that use gpu. not sure if its driver related problem but rebooting solve the problem
  4. rebooting helped me too. i reinstalled drivers, and that fixed the issue. interesting thought: mabye its a registry issue from updating graphics drivers? my freinds rig had an issue like this with an old crossfire registry causing bluescreens....
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