Sticky substance

I have a computer that restart suddendly after 10 sec or more than that
ok i try to change every thing nothing happend

it identified between CPU and Motherboard

I plug out my Cpu and I see that the "Sticky substance" has dried ( it's gone )

my question is can i put any other " Sticky substance " from other CPU ( I have many motherboard not working
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  1. That sticky gunk is thermal paste and it is an important part of cooling the CPU. If if gets dried up and hard it won't allow for good cooling causing high temps and overheating. You need to clean off all the old thermal paste real good with a non clint cloth then re-apply thermal paste. The most important thing to remeber is you only need a small drop of thermal paste 5-5.5 mm's in size or about the size of a pea.
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