Pci-e 2.0 x16 @ x8 2.0

guys why is my video card running @ x8 its supposed to run at x16 i test everything reseat video card, clean video card, install & update video card driver, install new OS still no luck i already test my video to another mobo and its running @ x16 i already check DH55TC bios but there's no settings to change pci interface

i5 760
4gb RAM
8800gt OC
500gb Hardisk
gigabyte 550w PSU
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  1. I am not sure how your board is setup but some boards have the PCIe shared between slots. You have any PCIe cards in the 2 x PCIe X1 slots?
  2. no only the 8800gt card i already update the bios still no luck
  3. I read up on your board in the meantime so I see that is not the case anyway. There is no performance hit anyway but hass the other computer you tried it in PCIe ver2.0 slot?
  4. yes i tried it in my other cpu and its running @ x16

    asus p5ql-pro
    4gb RAM
  5. Check your slot for anything that can cause a problem with contact.
  6. i clean the board pcie slot everything i tried

    can you check my bios setting can you tell me what i need to change

    heres the photo link of my bios settings

  7. no one here to help
  8. Not familiar with your BIOS settings so experimenting is what I would do.
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