Huge Problem with Overheating

Okay so title says problem, and I'll give specs, they are

AMD HD Radeon 66701GB DDR3 (Just installed recently)
AMD Phenom II X4 840t 3.2GHZ (not overclocked)
Foxconn Motherboard 2A92
Seagate HDD 7200.12 1000GBYTES
HP 300 watt PSU
6GB DDR3 Ram

But, my TMPIN1 on CPUID Hardware Monitor is reading 57C - 75C, TMPIN2 46C and 55C, TMPIN0 25C - 35C. My video card temperature is at 32C - 48C. This is all Idle - Underload. I really could use an opinion on this because I'm very close to taking it into the store. I am assuming definitely just a new PSU. But the main thing I'm worried about is my TMPIN1 and 2 Overheating. I havent seen them get that hot before with my old Nvidia Gefore 530 GT. Please help.
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  1. Try to reinstall thermal paste and clean the heatsink of your cpu.
  2. May I ask how to find my heatsink, I believe it is the huge Silver metal looking things between my back fan and my processor, and I take it I can get thermal paste from any store?
  3. Read the paste removal guide, just so you understand how everything works!
  4. Okay well i've been talking to some buddies, and they're telling me to just go with a better heat sink and fan, so i'm gonna go and drop some bucks.. lol. Thanks so much for the answers guys.
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